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Soundbath Events

Soundbath are held monthly from 8-9 and are $35

Soundbath schedule for 2022 

Soundbath are held monthly from 8-9:30PM and are $35

September 24th


After the soundbath you are welcome to grab a complimentary cider or hot chocolate and walk around the green space to enjoy the night sky.

To book your spot you can message me with your date you are wanting to attend.  These spots do fill fast so make sure to book ahead.


What is a Soundbath


a sound bath is a meditative experience where those in attendance are “bathed” in sound waves. These waves are produced by various sources, including healing instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, percussion, chimes, rattles and tuning forks.

Sherry from Nirvana 101 is our soundbath creator with an amazing experience every time.


Contact us to design a custom package that fits your needs perfectly.

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