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 Open Art Day

Open Art day's are held monthly

Open Art Day

August 21st 2022 

The open are day begins at 10:00am -10:00pm 

Pick your pass  (You can combine all or just pick the ones you would like)


Free flo art - Bring your own supplies and paint the beautiful surrounding landscapes or be inspired to create your own art.  You can set up in the green space or yoga gardens, anytime from 10:00am - 10:00pm.  $55


Mandala dot Chakra stones or pocket & bra protection stones.  Create your very own set of 7 chakra and or protection stones using Mandala dot art.  This is a very relaxing and fun experience. Directions & supplies included! Come anytime between 10:00am- 10:00pm will be in the Green-space or yoga gardens $88


Under the stars featured guest 8-10pm

Crystal singing bowls & Restorative yoga with Carla Fox & Terez. From 8-10:00pm $55 Inside the bubble.


Participants are in chairs {camping or zero gravities} or prone on yoga mats or directly on the earth.. When possible we gather in circle around the singing bowls.

What to expect:

Slow harmonics with lots of low tones and a few high tones bring you back to your body, dreamy time, healing time, The sound is geared to the chakra system  having us move  through 7 major body centers.  Carla instructs  you in restorative yoga poses that require no effort and work with gravity to help us unwind and relax while  also focusing on a particular chakra.  Terez plays the bowls throughout the 2 hour session & Carla plays too when not instructing.  What happens mostly is that people let go of tension and stress and go home very relaxed.  We give some instructions but allow for lots of silence so you can grove with the sounds and do your own processing.

Be prepared for an amazing & inspirational day!

After the Crystal bowl soundbath you are welcome to grab a complimentary cider or hot chocolate and walk around the green space to enjoy the night sky.

To book your spot you can message me with your pass choices you are wanting to attend.  These spots do fill fast so make sure to book ahead.

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Contact us to design a custom package that fits your needs perfectly.

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