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Healers of the New World

                                                      October 11-15th, 2022 


This retreat is for holistic practitioners, yoga teachers or any career that is helping to improve the lives of others 

Whenever we have a big shift in consciousness globally like we are currently experiencing, everything changes including our clients. 

Our clients just like ourselves have came out of the past couple years with a new consciousness.  I can not count how many time I have heard others say  "this past two years my whole world has crumbled" and I am sure you have as well.

After experiencing this HUGE change it is definitely worth taking time to realign your offerings to your clients current needs.


Taking this time to readjust to the new world & new realities. Taking into account that for most people this past two years has broken down their comfort zone & everything they knew. In place they are all now beginning to create a new story.  


Recognizing this is at the forefront of your successful biz.

As healers we know this, but often go back to what was or has worked before not taking into account that whole world has shifted and much has changed. It’s like putting a square block in a round hole.  It may even be a small tweak but a newness of the present issues and solutions are needed. 

Over this 5 days we will take you on a journey and experience to first come into alignment with the NEW YOU!  

✨What services light you up NOW? 

From there we will find your ideal client & offering alignment NOW! 

✨Who is your ideal client NOW?


✨What problem does your client need solved NOW?


✨What service do you have to solve their current problems NOW?

This is a deep dive into the new you, the new world, the new client, the new services & how to best serve NOW!

This 5 days will be an amazing journey & experience!


This runs from October 11-15, 2022


11am - 8pm each day


Early Bird Special $888 Until October 1st


Regular Price $1111

If you are interested in attending this workshop experience send me a message and we will arrange a phone call to make sure this is the right workshop for you!


Contact us to design a custom package that fits your needs perfectly.

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